(Last Updated: June 17, 2020)


  • Not sure to ask here or the other place.

    Was looking again at a Luup restart at almost exactly the same time as my alarm 'clock' goes off and triggers a Reactor. Pretty sure it's not either of those things but...

    01      06/17/20 6:01:00.012    ESC[31;1mFailed to get lock(0x179a674) Lua: LuaInterface.cpp:2623 last used LuaInterface.cpp:2556  first used LuaInterface.cpp:2556  thread: 0x753e5520 (>9076892)  handler 0x44d114 bOkToFail 0ESC[0m <0x74de5520>
    01      06/17/20 6:01:00.013    ESC[31;1mFailed to get lock(0x154dd64) Lua: LuaInterface.cpp:2144 last used LuaInterface.cpp:2556  first used LuaInterface.cpp:2556  thread: 0x74de5520 (>9076903)  handler 0x44d114 bOkToFail 0ESC[0m <0x753e5520>
    02      06/17/20 6:01:00.038    ESC[33;1mDumping 40 locksESC[0m <0x753e5520>

    Any thoughts?



  • This is weird, Of all the luup lockups and restart I had with the vera, I had never seen this one.
    I know I am going to sound like a broken record but... In hindsight, putting things in perspective, the time spent in troubleshooting and peeling the vera onion would have been much better spent migrating away from it. There are just too many problems in the source code for us to be able to fix or find workaround for and the first step to avoid these is really openLuup. There is really nothing the vera and its cloud service does which can't be done better by openLuup and local bridges. Including the Alexa...

  • 🙂

    Not really arguing any more 😞


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