(Last Updated: July 5, 2020)

iPhone Locator force refresh error

  • Anyone any idea what this might mean? We have two iPhones. Mrs C's and mine. Mine is totally fine. Mrs C's says 'forceRefresh error, check logs / 300 s' and refuses to tell me where she is 😉

    Same settings in both instances (in fact I have created a second instance for Mrs C and that does the same). I know the username / password are correct, and the iCloud list populates in the right manner.

    The log has this:

    2020-07-05 11:58:55.866   luup_log:25: IPhoneLocator: loop: an error occurred during execution of forceRefresh():[string "L_IPhone.lua"]:639: attempt to index local 'obj' (a nil value)
    2020-07-05 11:58:55.866   luup.variable_set:: 25.urn:upnp-org:serviceId:IPhoneLocator1.MsgText was: 2020-07-05 11:58 now: forceRefresh error, check logs / 300 s #hooks:0

    Any ideas?



  • It seems to be a problem with calculating distance using the Here Map API. Only thing I can think of is that Mrs C is at a location Here map cannot resolve? I have never seen this. Might be worth looking into...

  • Given she's in the same location as me....

    Any ideas where to start looking?



  • Yeah then I could be wrong. Try logging into her iCloud manually to see where iCloud is locating her?
    I sometimes see this when my wife abuses the airplane mode...

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