(Last Updated: August 16, 2020)

Child device undo failure

  • Hi AK,

    I must be missing something but I am having now some devices fail on the bridge due to them running out of battery. Upon battery replacement, they function properly on z-way-server but the failure remains over the bridge. The failure shows up on the parent device and it says that a specific command class has failed. Looking at the return API json, it should not return any command class level failure however so I am not sure where the bridge gets its failed state from...

    edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. It is a gap in data alignment between the different z-way APIs. The zwave and JS API got the update that the device recovered but not the smarthome API. Pausing and restarting the zwave app on z-way fixed it.

  • Love it when someone has found a solution by the time I read of the problem...!

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