(Last Updated: October 3, 2020)

Changing Device type from dimmer to Shutter

  • Just finished migrating to Zway, Although there are some devices that are being detected as a dimmer when in fact are Shutters.

    What would be the best route to properly change how this devices are being detected by the ZWay plugin on openluup?





  • Have you tried just changing the device type?

    It's while since I've looked at that code, and I certainly don't have any of that device type. What device filesedoes it use? There may be a command classes that I need to add to support this.

  • @ronluna

    Change the device_file to "D_WindowCovering1.xml" making sure that this file exist in your openLuup installation (I think it came from the vera as I don't remember fiddling with it. category_num = 8

    Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 13.35.09.png

  • Changing the device type worked,
    device_file: D_WindowCovering1.xml
    device_json: D_WindowCovering1.json
    device_type: urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:WindowCovering:1
    category_num: 8

    Currently ALTUI is unable to categorize any of the devices correctly. it sets all the device coming form the zway plugin to category_num: 0 It's kinda painful to go through every device and manually edit them, What would be the proper way to get the ZWay plugin to properly configure this devices, would adding the manufacturer's id to L_ZWay2.lua help?

  • @ronluna said in Changing Device type from dimmer to Shutter:

    It's kinda painful to go through every device and manually edit them,

    ...but pretty easy to write a short Lua script to do it?

    IIRC, category is not an attribute currently encoded in the plugin. The whole idea is to make this far more flexible than Vera, and more able to support different Zwave devices without special coding.

  • @akbooer can’t you just set it the first time and then make it user configurable?

  • This is the old database problem...

    • identify the device
    • look up characteristics in the database
    • set the attributes.

    The first two items are the problem, but particularly the second. I do not want to build and maintain a database of all possible devices. Vera never got this bit right.

    A bit of manual configuration pain at the start for the user, or a lifetime of pain for me. That’s the trade off.

  • Couldn't it be optional with a cloud based database that is maintained by the community ?

  • Configuration really isn't something that you need to do very often... unless, of course, you are using this for lots of commercial installations.

  • I feel your pain. But I was referring to the ability to read it from zway. Maybe they’re exposing this into as well.

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