(Last Updated: November 6, 2020)
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Device setup - organization strategy

  • I've finally gotten the stuff to work together. Now - before I migrate all the vera devices, how do i use this?

    How does the variables NameDevices and CloneRooms work? (is there a manual or description of the plugin?)
    CloneRooms seems obvious, but is that the best way to go when I have more bridges?

    1. Set up rooms and names in Z-way?
    2. No rooms in z-way, and distribute them in openluup?

  • If you don’t have any need to set up rooms in ZWay, then I wouldn’t bother, and just do what you want in openLuup.

  • Ok.. but what about NameDevices? can I change names and device attributes without the bridge caring?
    This was not possible in the vera bridge i think, thats why im asking. 🙂

  • IIRC, name changes will stick.

  • Started migrating devices, and z-way is creating a bunch of child devices. Which child devices show up in AltUI seems somewhat random, how can this be controlled?
    I tried to hide devices in smarthome, that didnt work..
    If I deactivate the children in smarthome (ie power meter), will that information still be available in AltUI? and will it control what channels come through`?

  • Can you be more specific?

    AFAIK, the Smarthome interface has almost nothing to do with the way that the ZWay plugin decides to present devices. Yes, indeed, it is not quite the same way that Vera does it, but, let’s face it, that’s hardly the standard to aspire to!

  • When I added - say a fibaro dimmer 2, a dimmer, a "heat alarm", and a "system alarm", and a second "dead" dimmer instance from the same device..

    Same with coolcam plugs, and mcohome dimmer as well.. not the same each time though..

    I presume i can just delete them, and be on my way? Or will they reappear?

  • They will reappear. The interface is simply representing the command classes that the device advertises as child devices. It tries to be as smart as possible about this whilst still remaining generic. One reason that Vera failed so badly to work with many devices is that each one needed a database entry, that was generally poorly written and maintained. A design philosophy for the ZWay plugin is that there is no such database. The price you pay is a less than perfect representation.

    You have at least two choices:

    • move uninteresting devices to a different room
    • hide those devices (but this can be confusing for future maintenance)

    If there is a genuinely generic situation which should be handled by the plugin, it’s possible to add that, as has been done in a couple of cases. But generally, compound devices are represented by a combo parent with specific child devices, some of which are not interesting. Dimmers are commonly an example, and tamper switches another.