(Last Updated: September 11, 2020)

create another countdown timer in openluup

  • On my VeraPlus I use the Countdown timer plugin. If I click on details via my apps, I can create multiple timers. Now I want to switch to openluup and have installed the Countdown timer plugin via appstore. Only 1 timer is visible. Is it possible to create more timers

  • I ‘m not familiar with the plugin, but think that you just need to create another device with the same device files.

    This is especially easy from openLuup’s console Devices Table page, where there is a create button. Clicking on this pulls up a form which has smart auto-fill capabilities. Just start typing the name of the device/implementation file and you get a short list of choices...


    You can also do this from the Create button on AltUI’s Devices page, but it doesn’t have the auto=fill feature.

  • @akbooer is correct. I have 5 instances of these on openluup. You just need to create a new device using the plugin files just like you would for any other plugin.

  • Thanks! It works.....

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