(Last Updated: September 14, 2020)

IFTTT or the ultimate home automation in the cloud absurdity

  • I just noticed from other forums that IFTTT has started some serious payment plans with a very restrictive free tier.

    This was writing on the wall from the beginning and why I tested it for the entirety of 5mins and requested to delete my account back 3 years ago. The idea to me was mind boggling: Having a multitude of platform API integrated by them in the cloud so every signal and command would go through them. This outside dependency, could not remain free and would offer poor reliability security/privacy and performance by design and is intrinsically inefficient. Now if you want to continue using it, you get to pay for it.. What a waste of time and energy...

  • The price is crazy to $120 a year, That's more than netflix or amazon prime. I moved most of my IFTTT functions to Node-red 6 months ago, never looked back, now 1 second response rather than 3 seconds to when ever.

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