(Last Updated: May 6, 2020)

Reactor issue in ALTUI

  • Reactor: Issue trying to view actions on Vera from Altui.
    I have a bunch of reactors installed on my VeraPlus. When I am looking at them in ALTUI, and go to the actions page, I get a pop up that says OK Success and Waiting for system ready.... Then the browser slowly fades to black. Is that the expected behavior? Tried it from a PC as well has via localhost on the RPI. Does Reactor need to also be installed on the RPI to make this work?


  • There could be a misunderstanding of how Reactor and openLuup works. On your rPi, openLuup sees the devices from the vera through the bridge. If you have a reactor on the vera, I don't know how the bridge reports it. When you therefore run a command on openLuup to a reactor it goes through the bridge and if that command is not implemented, it likely won't work.
    My recommendation would be to install the reactor plugin on openLuup and reproduce your reactors there and then delete the reactors from the vera.

  • The thing that doesn’t work is the plugin UI because of JavaScript. Devices with no special .js or .json files should work (like simple switches and dimmers.). Indeed, you’d need to install Reactor on openLuup and move the logic to there.

  • Reactor on openluup has been really great for me.
    Patrick’s youtube videos are really helpful when you’re first starting.

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