(Last Updated: May 8, 2020)


  • Pours one out for our wink brothers.

  • It's terrible, they should give them more than a week.
    Infact they should not be allowed to treat customers that way
    The cloud model is flawed, they should reduce cloud dependency and therefore costs. They could charge for support package after 1 year and for third party intergration and remote connection . Existing customers would then be able to choose to support themselves or pay for support.
    Treating customers this way will backfire,

  • Yep, one more down the cloud nonsense drain. We've seen too many already. When will people finally learn? Home Automation is not an application which benefits from cloud dependance. The cloud is actually a major liability to the system and should be avoided as much as possible.

  • If i owned a wink i would shred it and use the $4.99 first months sub to post it to William (that's how you spell his name)

  • It's not so different from what happened to Lowe's Iris and what I foresee for nest, ecobee, smartThings, etc... They will one day either get bought out, go bankrupt or will terminate their services. Who in their right mind would want to rely on cloud servers to do anything in the house when it takes more time and energy along with adding so much more failure points to send the data in and out than it does to process everything locally? All these also open your house to get hacked and giving your data to some company. Same applies to vera and their backup to server, event servers and all of their other flaky tunnel connections. Ignorance is bliss...

    Expect a lot of wink users to move over to other platforms now...

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