(Last Updated: July 2, 2020)

Alarm Clock

  • Morning, all

    Not sure if there's an alarm clock currently available for Openluup? While not perfect, it wasn't too bad for use.

    Might it just be a case of extracting the files from Vera and creating a new device?



  • I’m not familiar with that... what happens when the alarm goes off?

  • It trips 🙂

    Basically a timer switch . Turns on at a specified time, turns off at a specified time later. It's just easy to control from the UI


  • Can't you do that without a plugin just using a time based scene to trigger other scenes? It seems pretty straightforward.
    Alternatively there is a countdown time plugin which I modified to work on openLuup....

  • You can, of course. It's just hard(er) to set. We tend to vary our getting up times day to day and, much like a normal alarm clock, it's quicker and easier to set the wake up time. Would be even easier in a web app but of course, not supported in Vera :lol:


  • I set alarms with alexa voice contol, i set off smart devices/openluup by a virtual switch that is turned on via alexa routines when alarm is dismissed.

  • Ooooh now hat sounds like fun! So just 'Alexa turn on my alarm at 0630'?


  • Yes but add AM if you don't wish to be asked am or pm.

  • Smegging genius!


  • What do you use as the name for your virtual switch? Mine seems to be being picky!


  • Oh hang on I think what you're doing is the opposite of what I want to do.

    I used to have Reactor sensor that was triggered by the Alarm clock plugin and then very quietly set the radio playing in the bedroom, then gradually turned it up. Alexa does not appear to be able to turn switches on at a specified time?



  • My virtual switch is just called "alarm"

    Then when the alexa alarm is dissmissed. (you can add a delay reset or specify a time period) the routine then turns on the virtual switch called alarm.
    I then use reactor to detect the switch being turned on, which then fire what ever action i require.

    This may not work for you as you would have to dissmiss alarm.

  • Yep, sadly it does not



  • I know you are using H A bridge, I use node-red instead. It would be fairly easy to set up what you wish using node-red, listen for alarm to go off and switch on a vittual switch. May be you could do similar in H A bridge, not sure as i do not use it.

  • Thing is I don't really want an alarm to go off. Just a trigger to happen silently


  • When school was still a thing (good old times! :D) and we used an alarm, I was using Alexa. Then, I have an IFTTT recipe calling a private azure function that's saving things in a queue, later analyzed by my code and triggering a local switch. This seems complicated (it is), but it's instant. I use it to read my news, weather, and family calendar.

    If you're using HABridge, you can define a virtual switch/sensor and just update it from a routine (when an alarm is turned off).
    You can have silent alarms, so maybe this could work for you. I tried to convince my wife to set alarms via apps, but she failed. She really prefers the Alexa way, since we have the Echo Spot on our bedroom and it already has a clock. She used to add a radio station, maybe you can just create an Alexa routine playing your music, and changing volume via delay.

  • @therealdb said in Alarm Clock:

    sensor and just update it from an automation (when an alarm is turned off).

    But to do that the alarm has to sound, and that rather defeats the object of being woken up by gently increasing music. Or am I missing something?

    @therealdb said in Alarm Clock:

    You can have silent alarms, so maybe this could work for you

    You can? Might you explain? So far I have failed, and how would you turn the alarm off?



  • you can set the bedroom alexa to silent alarm in the alexa app under sounds, if you move slider to zero. This will disable alarm and timer sound, the alexa's led ring will flash.

  • Yeah, but you still have to turn it off to trigger your activity?


  • Although the settings tab is unreachable due to a Java error, actually setting and triggering the alarm works fine 🙂


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