(Last Updated: May 4, 2020)
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Get Vera files throwing errors

  • I have been running the getfiles job specifying file types and I am seeing more devices that have the correct controls now. I am still missing most of the icons on the devices
    Here is a breakdown by device type:.
    Dimmable Switch: controls working, all have generic icon regardless of level and state.
    Door Lock: Controls working. Generic icon
    HVAC: controls and icons correct
    Light Sensor: lux readings correct, generic icons
    On/Off switch: Controls working, generic icons except Harmony Control
    Motion Sensors: controls working, generic icons except for reactor
    Temp sensors: functioning, generic icons.
    So it looks like everything is functioning, just some icons are not displaying.
    Which file has the icon description?
    max packet size ping test between Vera and RPI
    ping -s65507
    8 packets transmitted, 8 received, 0% packet loss, time 7009ms
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 12.750/12.915/13.079/0.157 ms

  • The D_XYX.json controls the icons display. I suspect though that you are missing the icon file which is buried in the /www folder of the vera and has been moving around from version to version of firmware and might be what is failing?

  • Yes, it’s possible that the icons are not found. The bridge does try downloading them from different places according to the firmware, but maybe that’s what’s gone wrong. A log file showing the GetVeraFiles activity would confirm that.

  • Just picked dimmable lights as an example. Looking in d_DimmableLight1.json I see this in the first few lines:
    "default_icon": "dimmable_light_default.png",
    "state_icons": [
    "img": "dimmable_light_100.png",

    These files are on the RPI
    pi@raspberrypi:/etc/cmh-ludl/icons $ ls dimmable
    dimmable_light_100.png dimmable_light_40.png dimmable_light_80.png
    dimmable_light_10.png dimmable_light_50.png dimmable_light_90.png
    dimmable_light_20.png dimmable_light_60.png dimmable_light_default.png
    dimmable_light_30.png dimmable_light_70.png dimmable_light_off.png

    But I am only getting the generic z-wave icon in the UI

  • Is there a file ownership issue? ie. can you actually see those files if you look for them through the openLuup server? I have seen this sometimes, depending on how openLuup is started at boot time. How DOES your openLuup startup work?

  • Interesting, just noticed that the files on the RPI are 0 bytes. Let me see if I can figure out why.

  • So I copied all the png files off my Vera and moved them into the /cmh-ludl/icons folder on my rpi. That fixed the bulb icons for dimmable lights and some of the others. I am still getting generic icons for binary lights. According to the json file it should be using the binary_light_default.png file. file is there in the icons folder and has the following permissions.
    -rw-r--r-- 1 pi pi 683 Dec 13 07:44 binary_light_default.png
    Looks the same as the dimable light png file that works
    -rw-r--r-- 1 pi pi 909 Dec 13 07:44 dimmable_light_20.png
    Are there other locations the app looks for to finds icons to use?

  • Apps don’t look for icons, AltUI does. Also, openLuup itself.

    Does the openLuup console Devices page look any different (from an icon POV) from that of the AltUI one?


  • Well, left to run some errands and looking now, all the icons are correct except for a few like eventwatcher, sonos and vera Alerts. No idea why. OpenLuup and ALTUI are both showing correct icons now.

  • Maybe a browser cache refresh?