(Last Updated: November 20, 2020)
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  • I seems to still have some issues in the z-wave controller..

    The route map won't show, only throws an error message:

    This Link status map is way too grey:

    The neighbour map looks OK, most have 2 or more neighbours:

    All units except for one seems to work as usual though, and thats the garage door sensor.. No errors reported, but no reaction either..
    And the fibaros all complain with system and heat errors, which i know is unfounded.,

    Any suggestions on where to look? I started a full reorganization of the mesh now, not sure what it does, but it seemed like a good thing to do..

  • After updating FW and to z-way 3.1.0 the issue with the route map disappeared.
    I'm still wondering about that link map though, how can I use it?

    The map showed some strange routes as well, when i organize the nodes according to physical location. Should I start a reorganization?

  • Since I have never really used it, I can only guess that it is just an instant map of current established link. I think the route map is what you want to get right.

  • I Tried to set up some manual routes, but it doesn't seem to use them?

    Is there a way to se what connection speed the nodes have?