(Last Updated: May 13, 2020)

z-way installation horror

  • Sorry, I have to say... installation of z-way is not simple.

    I started with ubuntu 20. turned out that it is too new due to various reasons. So reverting back to 18... also too new... libcurl4 vs liburl3 etc. not able to install apps etc.

    So reverted back to ubuntu 16.

    installed 16 successfully and then install z-way:

    sudo wget --no-check-certificate -c http://storage.z-wave.me/z-way-server/z-way-server-Ubuntu-v3.0.6.tgz --no-check-certificate -O - | sudo tar -xz -C /opt/

    then followed:

    reboot... nothing


    luckily rafael is there to help, but this is NOT EASY AT ALL!

    ...waiting for personal support from rafael...

  • I'm also having the libcurl3/4 issue on a fresh pi install, this is ridiculous.
    to make matters worse someone removed the libcurl3 from the apt-get repository, so now I can't even apply the fix I read about unless I recompile libcurl3 from source...for ARM...to install a home automation system...to make my life easier...

  • Had the same libcurl problems with my Ubuntu server 18.04 VM.
    Ended up downloading the "Fresh Pi" image (https://razberry.z-wave.me/z-way-server/razberry.img.zip) and was up and running within a hour.

    At the moment I suggest to spare yourself all that frustration and do the same.

  • @iRobot I'll try your suggestion, I'd rather redo a zway installation then go back and redo the full pi install. How do I remove zway before I start?
    Wait a minute, this is a full image, no way am I going through the kabuki dance again to get this thing booted on ssd with new image. Did you perhaps mean I should mount the image and try and grab libcurl3 from it? I'm ready to ditch zway, I need something more reliable. These bozos can't spell right, the main install link on their download page that clearly says supports buster doesn't work. And worse, they KNOW it doesn't work. Oh, sorry did I say bozos, I mean bozo. Weak. Lame. Fail.

  • remove the z-way installation:

    sudo rm -R /opt/z-way-server

    As for @sender ... it was an attempt to run a 64bit version of z-way-server on a 32bit OS...

  • Yes, as for the ubuntu 16 I downloaded the 32 bits version due to the 64 was intel and 32 AMD and since I have intel NUC with ESXI... but now I am running on ubuntu 16 64 and still horror... app still not downloading... adn why can't I paste pictures?

  • @sender said in z-way installation horror:

    why can't I paste pictures?

    Could be that you need to do this in the full reply window, rather than the quick one.

  • d3b42da6-39f8-457e-b56b-6bf404332ec7-image.png

  • @akbooer yes thats it

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