(Last Updated: July 7, 2020)

5.39 firmware with 6.82.01 SDK

  • Just updated my production UZB to the latest firmware. It was very painful through the ZME upgrade tool as I had to go through least 40 tries but I got it on. It was less painful on my test razberry which only required a handful of retries. Looking at the upgrade process... the uzb seems unbrickable with the firmware being loaded on the nVME on the stick before performing the upgrade on its own, I am impressed, it is much more robust than the silabs reference design stick.
    It brings the firmware to silabs very latest SDK version which had a bunch of minor fixes. Happy to report that minor quirks I had observed upon server rebooting appear to have been fixed.

  • Good news and bad news, I suppose: great that it works; bad to have another thing on the “to do” list!

  • Yeah I felt I had to test it since I personally requested the SDK update from @Poltos

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