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Vera account suspended for a 1000 years

  • So, after more than 10 years and 4 Vera's, my vera forum account is suspended.

    I think the monkey of the company, called melih is not man enough te have any critic. In the topic about the "great to come app" I responded to the topic (not off topic!) that a subscription can also be seen (financially) as buying a box, run it for 2 years and come to market with a better one (in better wordings).
    That means that if you as a company hast a box of 50USD cost, sell it at 250USD would give him a monthly subscription of 200/24=8.33 USD... Users that would last 5 years would pay a monthly of 3.33USD.

    But... the monkey on the rock has bolded his fists and said: ban him! He just can't take any criticism.

    To be honest! I am not even sad! It was a very rough journey with Vera. The journey stopped when Ezlo and the monkey took over the name.

    After that it quickly went downhill...

    Goodluck all! (except the monkey).

    The topic:

    The post:
    The point you are missing is:

    If the hardware would “cost” around 50USD, and you sold it for 250USD, an average life span of 5 years would mean 200/(5×12)=3.33USD per month. Thats how Vera used to do it.

    Then release a faster/better “beast” every 2 years gives you 200/(2×12)=8.33USD per month. That’s how vera used to do it.

    And that’s how I did it for around 8 years and 4 veras with them untill you bought the company.

    This is just a matter of how you look at it and explain it.

    I dont frikking care how you do the maths, I only liked a working product and a close user community (like it was).

    Now all I see on this forum is a lot of “we are going to” and “we are working on”, “keep them coming guys”. But the reason for ever considering to buy a new vera every 2 years is gone…

    No clear migration path, no clear compatibility path and no clear integration path…

    That’s why I started to look for alternatives…

  • I could see it coming from miles (or kms) away... I don't know enough now about what new stuff came out but the behavior, ranging from the development strategy to the garbage hardware they released was contradicting what he was saying through posts and PMs. The platform is a cloud first and is likely aimed at being cloud dependent in order to extract a subscription fee. Clearly it is departure from what the vera customer base is about and I am glad to have walked out of it. At the end it is a matter of trust and I can't trust anything they say, then I should run.
    Welcome to the club.

  • Stange, That post is still up. If that was the cause i would have thought it would have been removed to. If they keep up this tyrannical behaviour the forum will die a death of a thousand cuts.

  • Maybe he still hasn't recovered from Raf's comments and bans all that post here one at the time 🙂

    O and you said you moved to the 'competition'. Apparently he feels openLuup based DIY is.

  • I have moved to homeassistant and OZW. Works very well! And recently I started with esphome via homeassistant. Configure and compile firmware, upload it to an esp and manage it further from homeassistant (OTA!).

    This way I have now created a hall flow meter for 9 euro :-). And a 8v port relay board for 13 euro. Rocksolid... downside is my wifi has to be always on... but that counts for a lot of things...

    Since I have been banned I did not even look back :-).

    And to be honest I am so happy with this Vera situation else I would not ever have discovered what's out there!

  • @mrFarmer said in Vera account suspended for a 1000 years:

    O and you said you moved to the 'competition'. Apparently he feels openLuup based DIY is.

    I am finding it pretty funny actually as I don't think at this point and the direction they are taking is making them a competitor for no one. They are so far behind "DIY" or open-source solutions even on their roadmap that I think they are in a market on their own: Find complicated solutions running on obsolete hardware to solve problems nobody but vera owners had while creating new problems of their own and claiming great achievements for functionalities The community had developed and implemented for half a decade. My system is so far beyond what they plan to offer even years (1000?) from now... I am puzzled.

    All the banned people were trying to bring to the forum was a reality check and offering competitive information they seem to be so oblivious to. So they can ban away... all their customers.

    In the meantime, I am learning about AI, deep learning, machine learning, convoluted neural network and their local implementations for home automation while they are still congratulating themselves on the achievement turning a light bulb on "very fast" with alexa going through their unreliable cloud and junk ware controllers. Hyping up about an obviously ignorant review of a product which doesn't really work.
    So yeah... sorry, competitor? How arrogant and pretentious are they to call anyone a competitor? 🤣

  • And that watervalve... that will be a top notch product 💦

  • There is nothing on that forum that is of interest now. Before it was a joy to open it and read what others had achieved, look at it now, just full of beta comments of possible new FW.
    Commercially, I've opted for Homeseer and have never looked back especially as HS4 now supports node-red natively, but always read this forum first as it has many old friends on board advancing Home Management Automation. Keep up the good work guy's and don;t look back.

  • I have moved it from my favourites and it feels... releaving 😕

  • Well welcome to the club, I think that makes at least three of us now 😄


  • @Black-Cat said in Vera account suspended for a 1000 years:

    There is nothing on that forum that is of interest now

    yeah, so sad to have lost a lot of smart people. plus, many other lost interest, so traffic is down and interest is low. that's normal when you think it's 1 year since a new firmware and the new one is not even an alpha.

  • @therealdb they do have an "alpha" however! It's Melih sitting on a rock, beating the drum and banging on his chest like a real alpha monkey while banning people.

  • I'll be joining you all soon, just posted about Homeseer 4 and multiple Zed-Nets( ser2net), something Vera can't handle.

  • @Black-Cat

    Ah, interesting... I had PM’d the OP of that thread saying that the place to get good advice on topics like that was here!

    (So if they read that, I’ll be joining too.)

  • @akbooer Don't let Melih catch you 😉


  • Yeah really don't miss the old forum thanks to @DesT! 🙂
    Live and let ... be.
    Happy as clam with my zwave and zigbee setup honestly... and to not have had to exclude/re-include anything to get there was a major part of it, given the size of my network.

  • @rafale77 If you need anything else, let us know!

    And that's the same thing for everyone 😉

  • @DesT - A dark mode theme would be nice, and support for DiscourseHub 🙂

  • Well that was quick/painless :). Thanks BlackCat!

    @DesT - One other thing that would be handy is for code blocks to have a 'click - copy to clipboard' function. Unless I just missed that somehow as well 🙂

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