(Last Updated: May 2, 2020)

Old apps

  • Is there a way to remove a vera app and keep the devices it created?

  • On the vera, the devices get deleted when they become orphan, meaning, their parents get deleted. Technically you could delete the plugin and keep the device yes, by preventing the device from becoming orphan. Change the parent id for example. What specific device are you trying to keep?

  • Temperature children from ecobee app and weather underground app. These ids are referenced in multiple places. Would rather leave non working apps in place then to have to edit scenes. Im loath to touch any vera short of deleting it. Understand while apps don’t work I still update the variables from openluup.

  • Yes, changing the parent (to 0, or some dummy device as a surrogate parent) should work. I’d also manually disable the parent apps, even if they’re not running properly. Backup first!

  • Ok, how to disable apps without disabling devices? I like your idea of changing parent. I’m going to try that. What happens to scenes when one of their devices disappears?

  • If you delete a device which is a scene trigger, then that trigger disappears, IIRC.

    All plugin devices should have a disable attribute which you can set to 1.

  • Oh man what a nightmare. In case anyone was wondering if setting your parent to 0 on app child device will allow it to live past app deletion. It wont.

  • How do i creat a dummy device on vera it doesn’t seem to be working for me?

  • What have you tried to create? It can be anything. D_BinaryLight1.xml is be fine.

    Had you disabled the plugin before the reload when you set a child device parent to 0?

  • Also, ... possibly important to remove the altid from the child device so that a plugin can’t identify it.

  • Disabling the app via device was the way to go here. I didn’t know this was possible and I started your first suggestion before I read the second. After a lot of scrambling I got back to where I need to be less one more vera app.

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