(Last Updated: November 18, 2020)
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  • Just upgraded to 3.1.0 and am happy to report that it has not impacted the z-way bridge for openLuup.

    I am now seeing the SDK version for firmware 5.39

    Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 09.23.54.png

  • @rafale77 said in z-way-server 3.1.0 release:

    happy to report that it has not impacted the z-way bridge for openLuup.

    ..You're happy? How happy do you think that makes me feel!

  • @akbooer

    🙂 lol, yes I can imagine. So far I am seeing a few cosmetic improvements on this new version but since I am rarely ever interacting with the z-way UI, it isn't doing much for me. The upgrade went pretty smoothly though it had to be a little manual.
    For those who want to do it on debian/ubuntu, the process is to download the file:

    wget https://storage.z-wave.me/z-way-server/z-way-server-Ubuntu-v3.1.0.tgz

    decompress it:

    tar -zxf z-way-server-Ubuntu-v3.1.0.tgz

    remove the default config file:

    rm z-way-server/automation/storage/*.json

    and then overwrite the z-way-server installation folder wherever it is. Mine is in the /opt folder which requires root permission.

    sudo cp -r z-way-server /opt/

    PS: One notable improvement is in the noise meter. Now the below detection limit shows up as -95dBm instead of a nil value which made the graph looked like the noise remained at a high level. I think it was one of my requests...

  • Just did this, and it seems to work well, but i realized i have UZB FW 5.29! Still the "expert" gui tells me i have the latest? and you have 5.39?

  • F**k me.. Tried to make sense of this beauty: https://service.z-wave.me/expertui/uzb-stats/versions-graph.html?hw=277 referred here: https://z-wave.me/zmeserialupdater-manual/

    can I just download the latest file, or do I have to do all versions, bootloaders and all?

  • Answer was:
    Upgrade to 5.26, then 5.27, then 5.33, then 5.34, then 5.36, THEN 5.39..
    The UI said I have the latest all the way from 26 to 39..

    Anyway, finally im up to date!